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Using your TruthKit

Check-in to the Truth
Check-in to an emerging topic, idea, business or local event.

Use the Tool Kit
TruthKit matches you to the common tools that others are using.

The Mobile App
Run the customized Apps from your mobile.

For example, during an emerging event such as an earthquake, check-in to get trusted buttons to: Locate a local rendez-vous point, post a photo, locate supplies or view local tips.
Checking in to a small-world Truth sets the context necessary to focus on your problem.

• Focuses on action rather than just sharing
• Invites new users to the central discussions and
Wisdom of Crowds.
• Leverages Truth Taxonomies and proposes an
Operating System design for mass collaboration.

The cloud-powered machine implements mapreduce, large search indexes, a media data store and allows you to plug-in your own functions and tools.

Custom tools are offered through a micro-consulting business model that leverages the economies of crowdsourcing.