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The TruthKit App lets you interact with your surroundings by matching you to shared tool kits. Our goal is to help you solve the worlds' simple but recurring problems.

  • Follow an emerging news story.
  • Join the central discussions.
  • Share common tools and Apps.
  • Begin or lead a campaign.
  • Give feedback to a local event.

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Get Matched to a Small-World Toolkit

Is it the tool maker, the tool user, or the one who puts the right tool in your hand? By checking into the Truth, you're immediately matched to buttons that point you to the central discussions, tools and trusted help.

My goal is to inspire and help every individual by guiding them with the worlds' best tools. TruthKit is still in beta, but please sign-up or browse my demo or tutorials.

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The Blue Hat Manuscript

Begin by tuning the foundations of how you work. This manuscript is a 300 page diary of tips for productivity and improving your quality of life

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